SOS Business Complete


What the SOS Business Complete Plan can do for YOUR business.

Our small business complete package is ideal for companies looking for a robust security solution with emphasis on simplicity. As such, the features are designed to compliment these specific requirements.

Content-based web filtering technology guarantees computer security from malicious websites with a constantly updated block list of harmful domains. In addition, anti-virus, spam blocking, spyware & malware protection, and ad blocking are protected on the server side. The Directory Connector can be integrated to existing Microsoft Active Directory for employee permission settings.

Our application control panel ensures that your employees spend more time working on productive content as opposed to time-wasting activities such as online games. Our policy manager allows internet usage policies to be restricted to specific employees. Based on the time of day, such as during lunch or during work hours, access can be restricted or extended.

Traditionally, security software and features have been installed on every computer system within the network in order to maintain a standard of security on the network. That extremely redundant approach leads to much lower performance for every computer in the network. With our solution, nearly all software will be placed at a central point in the network, outside of the computer systems. A combination of the aforementioned services leaves resources free on your computer systems for more productive uses. While also removing the need to update multiple software layers.

Here's how it works,


Features & Benefits

  • Centrally Managed Security Server
  • Content-Based Web Filtering
  • Application Control
  • Policy Management
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Permissions Integration with Microsoft Active Directory Service
  • Anti-Virus, Spam, Spyware, and Malware Protection
  • Active Intrusion and Phishing Defense
  • Ad Blocking
  • Annual Network Wide Optimization w/Diagnostic
  • 30 Minutes of Remote Support per month
  • 10% reduction on services for all covered systems
  • Guaranteed Virus-Free

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The SOS Security Server integrates in-line with your existing network in order to filter all incoming and outgoing connections to protect every device in your computer network. To the average user the security server will be completely invisible, even though every webpage they visit and every file they download is being scanned using the latest heuristics to detect and prevent infection.

Your network will constantly be monitored by our team of IT professionals to ensure maximum security and reliability. Should an issue be detected an alert will be sent to our monitoring team, who in turn will notify you and devise the proper solution. Leaving you to worry less about your infrastructure and more about what really matters, your business.

In addition to lightweight and robust security. Small business premium subscribers will also receive reductions in fees associated with services not covered in the contract. As well as an annual network optimization to ensure that every computer in the network remains in it's most pristine working condition. Our yearly optimization will include a complete system diagnostic for all covered systems.

Should an infection occur while using our product, we will remove it free of charge.
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