SOS Business Premier


What the SOS Premier Plan can do for YOUR business.

Lightweight and robust security with no hardware to install. Eliminating the threat and high cost of virus infections as well as a number of additional services, this plan is perfect for small businesses and start-up organizations who need great protection against online threats as well as content filtering so you control what websites your employees can and cannot visit.

Traditionally, security software and features have been installed on every computer system within the network in order to maintain a standard of security on the network. That extremely redundant approach leads to much lower performance for every computer in the network. With our solution. Nearly all software will be located in the cloud, outside of the computer network. This lightweight approach leaves resources free on your computer systems for more productive uses. While also removing the need to update multiple software layers.

Here's how it works,

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Features & Benefits

  • Content-Based Web Filtering
  • Anti-Virus, Spam, Spyware, and Malware Protection
  • Active Intrusion and Phishing Defense
  • Ad-Blocking
  • Annual Network Wide Optimization
  • 30 Minutes of Remote Support per month
  • 10% reduction on services for all covered systems
  • Guaranteed Virus-Free

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Whenever you type a website address like www.google.com into your web browser's address bar it sends that information to whatever DNS server your system is set to connect to (usually your ISPs) which resolves the website name into an IP address and connects you. What we do first is configure your router/network switch to connect through our enterprise level DNS server account which is linked to a much larger and more stable DNS server network than what you are currently using. What this means is more stability for your network, the ability to block out domains you don't want your employees visiting, and more security by being connected to an international DNS server network with a team of IT professionals constantly monitoring and updating the system for the latest security threats.

This preventative approach helps protects your network from being infected in the first place by blocking known malicious websites from ever making contact with your network. Since all of this takes place in the cloud all we have to do is install a lightweight anti-virus on your computers to protect against local threats leaving your computer systems with more resources available for doing what they were designed for. Making YOUR business grow!

In addition to lightweight and robust security. Small business standard subscribers will also receive reductions in fees associated with services not covered under the contract. As well as an annual network optimization to ensure that every computer in the network remains in it's most pristine working condition. Our yearly optimization will include a complete system diagnostic for all covered systems.

Should an infection occur while using our product, we will remove it free of charge.
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