SOS Data Protection

Your Data is the Life-Blood of your Business. Don't Lose It.

Superior Operating Systems knows how important your company information is. We know that at any given moment a single power surge or accidental fire could destroy that information forever.

Our Data Solutions Are;

  • Fire Proof
  • Water Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • Network Ready
  • System Agnostic

Cloud based technology is great, but current limitations with internet connection speed means that even with a high-speed cable or dsl connection it could take weeks to backup an entire hard drive, which isn't an option if you're doing business everyday.

Our Solution Provides;

  • Daily Backups For Your Entire Network
  • Quick Data Recovery In Event of Disaster
  • Seemless Integration into Existing Network
  • Up To 5 Years Hardware Warranty
  • Up To 5 Years Data Recovery

Our solution will integrate into any existing network and backups can be scheduled daily. The backup is stored On-Site within your existing network, so if disaster strikes then you can have another computer setup and all files restored much quicker than with internet based systems.

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Your data is important. Never waste time when it only takes a second to lose everything. Contact Superior Operating Systems and secure your data today!

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