One Pass RFID Access Control System

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Custom Turn-Key Access Control System

One Pass is a locally owned and operated access control service provider who has been providing solutions for gated communities since 1996. They provide customizeable solutions for automated gate access control.

One Pass will design a customized solution for your unique requirements.

One Pass Logo

One Pass Logo

What is The One Pass?

One Pass is a Radio Frequency Identification Protocol that offers more robust security and application control than current access control systems.


  • Seemless Integration Into Existing Communities

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Unified Reporting System

  • Less Reliance on Human Labor

  • Increase Plantation Marketability

  • Exhibit an Image of Professionalism with State of the Art Technology

  • Automate Plantation Entry Process

  • Online Pass Renewal

  • Eliminate Pro-Rated Passes

  • Eliminate High Maintenance

  • Stolen Passes are No Longer an Issue

  • Counterfeit Passes are Eliminated

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